Back to school - with a cup

Back to school - with a cup

Menstrual Cup from LUNACUP can make your days more comfortable - be it in an office or at school.

There are no limits to this comfortable feeling.

With the coming of the school year many girls and young women are dealing with using the cup at school. 

Will I manage the exchange?
Is it suitable for me?
Wouldn’t I need two cups?
Isn’t it better to use the tampon after all?

Dear customers, using the cup at school isn’t a problem at all. I have years of my own experience to back my claim up. Nowadays, most school bathroom stalls are fitted with washbasin, which makes using the cup easier than before. If the stall with the basin isn't your case, you can always take a bottle of water with you.

Always remember to wash your hand or use sanitizing gel, before you manipulate with the cup. After removing the cup, rinse it with the water from the bottle and reinsert it. If needed, wash your fingertips as well so you can leave the stall without the slightest doubt. Everything is easy and discreet! 

There is always the possibility of keeping two cups and wash them later at home, but I personally think that one is enough to get you through all your, tests, exams, and PE classes.

There are so many advantages when you compare the cup to the tampon. The greatest one is, of course, the fact that it doesn’t affect a woman’s body, neither the environment and the money saved is the sweetest cherry on the top. I know it may seem like quite an investment, but the cup pays for itself after 8 or 10 periods and you don't have to spend any money on hygiene products 8 or 10 years.

So what are you waiting for? Have a great school year!

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