Health Risks of Using Pads or Tampons!

Health Risks of Using Pads or Tampons!

1. They contain toxic substances

In the process of whitening, the material (chlorination) the toxic dioxin builds up. It is not unusual to add more chemical substances to increase the absorption rate of pads or tampons.

2. Not sterile

No manufacturer guarantees the sterility of their products, be it pads or tampons. You will never find such a claim on the cover, simply because the sterility is unachievable.

3. An ideal environment for bacteria to multiply

The cellulose used for tampons is an ideal material for bacteria to multiply in as well as the steamy environment of pads that is impossible to ventilate. Bacteria multiply really fast. There is a risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

4. They affect the natural balance of your body

Tampons dry out the membranes and change the pH; pads create a steamy environment. Tampons release small fabric fibers into the vagina.

The LUNACUP menstrual cup

  •  Doesn’t contain harmful substances (made entirely of medical grade silicone)
  •  Sterile
  •  The risk of the TSS is really small; the cup is antibacterial
  •  Doesn’t affect the inner environment of the vagina; doesn’t affect the pH
  •  Doesn’t stop the period as it is sometimes with tampons



Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP.

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