How to choose a menstrual cup

How to choose a menstrual cup

What should you be aware of when selecting the cup? What cup is suitable for you?

The menstrual cup is a single component product made entirely of silicone. All the cups may seem the same to you, but there really are differences.

These differences may determine whether the cup is suitable for you or not and the comfort of the use.

1. The material – the difference in flexibility, smoothness, etc.

The cup should be made of medical-grade silicone which is free of health risks and allergic reactions. If you want your cup to be always pleasant to use, to adapt to your body and to the shape of your vagina, to hold a steady suction and not to press against your vaginal walls, you have to consider the material of the cup carefully. 
The material should feel smooth and pleasant the first time you touch it. The higher the quality of the medical-grade silicone used, the more pleasant and flexible the cup is. The quality of material influences the lifespan of the cup and it also determines how easy it is to wash and take care of the cup. The smoother cups are less porous so it is more difficult for solid particles to hold on. 

Most of the manufacturers are using the silicone of lesser quality to cut the expenses.

Therefore we recommend the LUNACUP menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone of platinum (*****) quality.

2. The surface – smooth and soft for easy cleaning

The surface of the menstrual cup should be free of any grooves, uneven surfaces, or folds. They make the cleaning process more demanding.

3. The stem design – easy to grip

The flat stem is an accessory to the cup designed to make the removal of the cup easier. The stem is usually the reason why woman experiences uncomfortable pressure or any kind of irritation. It is very important to choose the right design.

The ideal flat stem design should:

  • be as small as possible, so it wouldn’t get in the way
  • but be large enough to make the manipulation with the cup really easier
  • be grooved to prevent slipping from the grip
  • be soft
  • be free of sharp edges
  • be of the appropriate length so you don’t have to clip it. Clipping produces sharp edges which may be irritating.


Tip: Do not use the cup with a too narrow and/or hollow stem. If any solid particles end up in the stem, it is very difficult to wash them out. Such a stem is also very difficult to hold on to. It is always better to choose the cup with the flat stem design.

LUNACUP menstrual cup is fitted with a very soft and flexible stem with rounded edges. The stem is of appropriate size,q so there is no need to clip it. It is diamond-shaped. The shape is the reason why it still easy to grip despite the smaller it’s size. On top of that the stem is fitted with small bumps (grips) as prevention of slipping.


4. The shape – most women prefer the conic cup

The menstrual cup usually comes in two shapes – the conic and bell shape. Generally speaking, the conic shape is more universal and more suitable for most women.

The LUNACUP menstrual cup is conic shaped.

The bell-shaped cups are recommended for women who have, for example, looser pelvic floor muscles and so the wider cups are suitable.

5. Upper body and rim of the cup

The upper body of the cup must always be widened. The rim of the cup is pressed against vaginal walls. This prevents the cup from leaking. It doesn’t mean that wider the cup, the better the seal. The wide rim may on the contrary be the source of difficulties when manipulating and unpleasant feelings when removing or inserting the cup. The widening of the upper body of the cup should, therefore, be gentle and the collar of the cup should be more pronounced.

We designed LUNACUP menstrual cup to be free of leaks and rim of the cup to be comfortable and enable the cup to be easy to manipulate.

6. Holes, lines, grips

Bulges: There should be bulges (grips) present in the lower area of the cup (above the stem). They prevent the cup from slipping while you are removing it. Holes: Small holes in the cup help you to release the suction. Every menstrual cup has them. When placed as high as possible they don’t impact the capacity of the cup. The holes should be large enough to ensure comfortable cleaning. Lines: A good cup should be fitted with measuring lines that help you to keep track of your period’s intensity. Thanks to the lines, you will always be in the loop!

The LUNACUP menstrual cup has got all three features – grips, high enough placed holes, and measuring lines. The cup is always reliable and easy to manipulate.

7. Coloration

The colored versions of our cups are health risk-free which has been proven by tests in certified laboratories.

8. Health risks

Always check whether the manufacturer took and passed the examination of a certified lab. The LUNACUP menstrual cup passed all the tests with flying colors! It is 100 % health risk-free. These tests were performed by certified international laboratories as well as in laboratories of local health authorities.

Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP

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