No Leaks, No Stains, Period!

No Leaks, No Stains, Period!

Period-Proof Undies Revolution!

We, at Clothes Catch bring period-proof undies that fit into any wardrobe, made in Czech Republic with high Italian quality fabrics Lunacup undies are the option. Just say no more itchiness, no leakage or stains even while you sleep, eco-friendly, saves you tons of cash, no more tampons or pads, no more smell, *protection for up to 12 hours, washable in washing machine, reusable, no chemicals affecting your body, holds up to three average tampons, with three layers technology to keep you safe & active, all sizes, beautiful colors and much more!

Conscious but Comfortable

Produced with high quality fibers , our menstrual panties are easy on the environment and easy to look at. Our period-proof undies are a comfier, thinner and more sustainable alternative to a single-use products.

 We want to fill your closet with options that are comfortable, chic, and also make a positive impact on our environment.

Ethically Produce

We believe that investing in your business means investing in your people. That’s why we only partner with ethical factories that ensure that each of their employees receives a fair wage, and are subject to equitable workplace practices.

Made to Last

Lunacup products are made with quality materials produced to withstand weekend treks, long office days, and multiple trips in the washer. We believe in our undies so much that we offer a two year guarantee on Lunacup undies.

One of a kind

Due to the unique nature of the materials used to create them, each of the 3 layers will have a different task, the top layer wicks away moisture, middle layer absorbs fluids (2-3 tampons), and bottom layer is a leak-proof nanomembrane. You never have to worry during your period.


*varies according to your flow*

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