On the road with the cup

On the road with the cup

It is really great to travel with the cup

The summer's almost gone, but that doesn't stop you from going on the trip at all! The autumn treks are coming as well as journeys to the exotic parts of the world and the upcoming winter season. So don't forget your traveling buddy at home!

There are so many reasons to travel with the cup. There is no need to carry boxes of hygiene products which frankly never stay inside their boxes and you always find yourself treasure hunting for the pads or tampons all over your suitcase or backpack. You don't have to take care of the size of pads you will need and you will definitely not have to think about whether your period is coming during your travel, because you are able to do simply anything with the cup. Bungee jumping or swimming with dolphins? No problem!

Our customers often ask how to take care of the cup on the road. Or whether it is even possible to take certain activities, such as hiking or beach holiday full of sun, sand and drinks, at all. The answer, of course, is yes. You can do all these activities and much more without worrying about a string sticking out of your swimsuit or thinking of the way how to dispose of used pad or tampon on the mountain trail or figuring out how many pieces you need to take with you. You just need one cup. You can swim in the waves, you can take the shower under the waterfall or do any of the winter or summer sports while feeling really comfortable.

And now, let me share some tips on how to use the cup in more demanding conditions without the toilet or the sink.

To be completely honest, I prefer changing the cup in the wood rather than in public restrooms. So the bottle of water is a must-have. I recommend washing the cup with drinking water. If it isn't possible to wash the cup with warm water at least once a day I always wash the cup with an antibacterial wash and then rinse it thoroughly. Otherwise I wash the cup with femine intimate wash once a day. I used to take two kinds of wash with me - one with the shower gel and one with femine intimate wash. I reconsidered that after a while and I only take the femine intimate wash. Mountain hikers already know why - every bit counts when you are carrying everything on your back!

You can also swim as much as you can without changing the cup after each and every swim. Even winter sports enthusiasts will appreciate the cup because the changing interval is 2 or 3 times longer than with a pad or a tampon. So instead of freeing yourself from the grip of your clothes you can spend the time enjoying the breathtaking views with an Aperol spritz.

You will enjoy yourself so much, you might even forget to change the cup after the 12 hours, so please make a note on that and if you are a new user, it is a good idea to practice the insertion and removal of the cup before you go on your holiday.

For more information visit our webpages or ask anything via our chat. Happy trails and perfect holiday!

Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP

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