First day using your menstrual cup

First day using your menstrual cup

How to make it through the first few days and don’t give it up?

Every beginning might be a tough one. That is why I’d like to give you a few tips on how to make the first few days as smooth as possible!

There are women who are experts in handling the cup since day one, but there are also women who need 2 or 3 periods for the cup to grow on them.

Every woman is an individual and there is no need to worry if you can’t insert it for the first time and the cup leaks. It is important not to lose your temper, try again, or find out why the cup leaks.

We are very much aware of this and that is why we offer free guidance on our Facebook profile in the Advice section. You can also find useful tips in our guide.

Folding the cup

There are two most proven techniques:


Folding the cup C
C technique


Push down technique


Firstly rinse the cup with water to make the insertion easier. The next step is to relax. It may be a problem at first because you will focus on the process and tighten your muscles as a result.

The insertion itself may be done in squat, sitting on the toilet, with one leg up, and so on. Try it out and find the most suitable way for you.

I personally prefer to insert the cup while squatting in a warm shower as the water relaxes my muscles naturally and helps with menstrual cramps.

The positioning of the cup

Do not push the cup as far as the tampon.

Release the grip and let the cup unfold. After the insertion it is important to check the rim and make sure it is not bent anywhere. If it is bent, push the vaginal wall away from the cup with your finger and let the cup fully unfold to create the suction.

You will prevent leaks. Test the unfolding by gently pulling down the stem. If the cup fully unfolded itself and if you use the right size, you will note the resistance of the cup. The stem should be fully inside your body. If the stem isn’t fully inside and you can’t push the cup deeper, feel free to shorten or clip the stem.

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