How to clean the cup

How to clean the cup



Sterilization – boil in water / in the sanitation pouch

The cup should be sterilized before the first use and after each and every period. If you are one of more sensitive women, prone to infections, it is a good idea to sterilize the cup even during your period and empty it more often.

You can sterilize the cup in two easy ways:

1. Boil it in water in the saucepan.
2. Microwave it in the sanitation pouch, which is included in the delivery.

Emptying the cup during your period

When emptying the cup during your period, rinse the cup with the warm water and femine intimate wash (at least twice a day – in the morning and the evening).

Cleaning with toothbrush

After using the cup for a while, it may change the color a bit, even if you wash it regularly. Don’t worry about it as blood is a strong colorant.

You can remove this coloring with a toothbrush (reserved for cleaning the cup) and q-tips can be used to clean the holes.

The cup shouldn’t be cleaned with a sharp object. Such objects can damage the surface which may have a negative impact on functionality.

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide 3%

You can also clean the cup using 3% hydrogen peroxide. The 3% hydrogen peroxide is available in every pharmacy or chemist’s and is very affordable. One 100 ml bottle will do for two thorough cleanings of the cup. A cup previously cleaned with water and femine intimate wash has to stay submerged in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 7 to 8 hours (you can leave the cup in the solution overnight and be pleasantly surprised in the morning).

It is recommended to sterilize the cup after cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide.

Use the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution only.

We recommend peroxide cleaning once in 3 months.

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