Polluted beach and sustainable period

Sustainable period it is possible.

We understand the importance of taking care of our planet, we recycle on every day basis, we are sustainable aware. Some of us bring their own cups to a coffee shop, in many restaurants you can find plastic free straws. We have many reusable tools we can use in order not to overload our land with the plastic. There are more and more tools to find sustainable way of living, to take care of our environment.

But have you ever think of a sustainable period? Did you ask yourself how our menstrual cycle impacts the environment?

On average every woman use *5- 15 000 disposable menstrual products. Despite of having an option to use tampons made of 100% cotton, tampons are made of plastic. Did you know tampon is wrapped in plastic? Strain, outer layer, applicator all contain plastic.

I was literally shocked finding out that hygienic pads and tampons take up to **500 years for decomposing in landfill.

How can we make a change? I found a life changing solution. Actually I got an amazing present from my sister – period proof underwear, which I honestly did not hear about before. So, thank you, my caring sister for this awakening. At the beginning I have my doubts and I did not believe the functionality. But when my days came, I decided to give it a try. And to be honest, I fell in love. The comfort, material, functionality,…it is a real life changer! The only problem for me was I got only one piece of the period panties, so I started looking for more:) While looking for menstrual tools, a menstrual cup was brought to my attention. Why have I been avoiding it?

It has been a big boom for many years – menstrual cup – and it is still a taboo for many woman. Exploring the new ways of enjoying my period I decided to explore menstrual cup as well. To be honest I regret I have not had the courage to do it earlier. It is an incredible tool. I forgot about my period while I was using this cute cup. Of course, I was worried how it will work, but it was super easy and so functional. The size of the cup seems bigger than I was expecting, but it fit well. I simply followed the instructions and managed to use it without any difficulties. It was really comfortable.

What about you you? Did you know your period can be sustainable?

Explore your curiosity and start using reusable products.

You can make a change right NOW. Get your period proof panties or menstrual cup and share with us your experience. (Lets support each other and make the difference. It is in our hands.)

*Borunda, A. (2019, September 6) APA citation How tampons and pads became so unsustainable. Retrieved from How tampons and pads became unsustainable and filled with plastic (nationalgeographic.com)

** Environment committee (2018, August) Single‐use plastics: Unflushables. Retrived from LONDONASSEMBLY – London.gov.uk – pdf document plastics_unflushables_-_submited_evidence.pdf (london.gov.uk)

Author: Lenka, Clothes Catch

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