Size Charts

What is my size when buying compression or support stockings and thigh highs, period-proof undies or menstrual cups?

With these sizing charts we hope to make easier your choice of the perfect fit!

Undies no Lace 

Undies with Lace (includes Night Undies)


Measurement point for Pantyhose and Thigh Highs

There are 3 key points to measure;

  • G for 140Den & 70Den (Thigh Circumference).
  • A-G for 140Den (Thigh to Foot length).
  • A-T for 70Den (Hip to Foot length).

Sizing Chart for Pantyhose and Thigh Highs 140Den.

Sizing Chart for Pantyhose and Thigh Highs 70Den.

Pantyhose 70 Aries chart

 Menstrual Cup 



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