Why Pick Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Why Pick Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and the daily waste you produce when it comes to your beauty routine? While we place an importance on caring for our skin, hair and body, we must also place importance in doing that in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

While everyone can take steps to be more sustainable, reducing your environmental impact doesn’t have to mean reinventing your routine all at once. Every day we can make small, simple changes that will help make our beauty routine more eco-friendly.

One of our top sustainable swaps? Reusable makeup removal pads! Disposable, single use products contribute to unnecessary daily waste that overflows landfill and also use up finite resources to continually manufacture them. Why make the change? Read on for five reasons why reusable eco pads are the best new addition to your beauty arsenal.



1. You’re significantly reducing waste

Our number one reason for making the switch to reusable cleansing pads? The environment. Namely, waste. Using single use cotton rounds to cleanse every day can add up when you think about the number required for a full face. Often you use one cotton pad to remove your face makeup, and then one to remove your eye makeup, and then one for just a quick swipe of micellar water in the morning. If you're cleansing with a disposable cotton round at least twice a day, morning and evening, that’s almost a thousand cotton pads that are thrown away each year. That doesn’t even account for when you have stubborn makeup that takes an additional round of cleanser, or when you’re using a cotton pad to apply the other steps in your routine, like toner, that’s probably a few hundred more. It all adds up, so every cotton round you swap for a reusable alternative reduces your daily environmental impact.

Our new favourite is the Reusable Eco Pads – a gentle reusable cleansing and makeup removing pad that offers zero daily waste, and lasts over 200 washes. Worried about on-going daily waste? It’s absolutely zero when not using and throwing away at least two disposable cotton pads per day! Each reusable pad is machine washable 200 times and should be washed weekly! The quick maths? You’re saving thousands of disposable cotton pads per year, for many years to come. Care for your reusable eco pads and they’ll care for your skin time and time again.


2. Your skin will thank you

Unlike some other sustainable alternatives, which can be made with harsh materials, our new favourite, the Reusable Eco Pads, are kind to all skin types. The microfibre technology is not only soft and gentle on skin, but is fine enough to trap pigments, to easily give your skin a thorough clean without being harsh on your complexion. Sensitive skin? No worries, with our Reusable Eco Pads there are no rough materials here to aggravate your skin. 


3. They’re low maintenance (even on laundry day)

The best part? Reusable Eco Pads are extremely low maintenance day-to-day. It’s as easy as popping them in the wash once a week. Luckily, you can get three pads, so even if it's a wash day you’re never without a Reusable Eco Pad to cleanse come morning and evening. After use, you can easily wash and rinse with a gentle soap and leave the pad to air dry for your next use. Then pop in the washing machine once a week to fully clean in 30-degree water. For best results, allow the pads to air dry after both your quick hand rinse, and after the washing machine. 


4. You’ll be saving your dollars

Another welcome side effect of not buying a new packet of single use cotton pads every few weeks or so? You’ll end up saving on useless spending! That’s right. When you make the switch to reusable products the best thing is you buy them once and only replace them after 200 weekly washes! (Hint: that means they’ll last much, much longer than a few weeks). In addition to the planet appreciating the reduction in packaging waste, your bank account will thank you for making a good economic choice.


5. Easy on the Earth, even easier to use

So, how do you use Reusable Eco Pads and take a first step towards a more sustainable skincare routine? Well, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Take your Reusable Eco Pad and saturate it with your favourite Cleansing Water (these two are the power couple you’ll want in your cleansing arsenal).
  2. Gently hold the reusable pad against your eye and then swipe away to remove stubborn eye makeup, but avoid any unnecessary rubbing. Even the most stubborn mascara or eyeliner will come off using this method, you just have to be gentle. The Cleansing Water and microfibre technology will do the work for you! Repeat on the other eye.
  3. Now your eye makeup is all gone, you can use the other side to perfectly cleanse your complexion. And that’s it! The easiest cleanse of your life. 

To finish up simply wash the Reusable Eco Pad in water, using gentle soap and air dry, ready for your next use.

Convinced? Start making small, eco-conscious changes in your day-to-day routine, and make the switch to Reusable Eco Pads

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