About Us

Clothes Catch is owned and run by women like you – women with demanding careers, full schedules, and families who need them at the top of their game – women who are on the go and can’t be held back.
We care – about your health, comfort, look, and work.!

Why do we care so much? Clothes Catch was founded by a woman. With a career in the airline industry, she has personal experience with the problems that our compression stockings solve. For years, she would leave long flights with heavy, swollen legs. She saw her colleagues suffering with varicose veins and spider veins, and she felt the frustration of being slowed down when she needed to work quickly

Then she discovered Avicenum 140 compression stockings by Aries, award-winning medical-rated stockings that have helped women all over the world improve circulation in their legs. After discovering these life-changing stockings, she knew what she had to do – for herself, for busy working women and moms, and for all women looking for a boost in their health and work performance.