Why Avicenum stockings are the right ones?

Why Avicenum stockings are the right ones?

Women - we like to do our research first before we proceed with a purchase. I love to discuss with my friends, read feedbacks or just ask advice from professionals in the related field. Current market has so many products to offer, so it may sometimes become overwhelming and time consuming, right ladies?

And what was my reason to try Avicenum compression stockings? It might sound like a cliché, but it was honestly a word of mouth. I believe in an experience. I found these lovely compression stockings thanks to my colleague's recommendation. It has been more than 8 years ago. I like to explore, so during those years I have tried another brands to see and experience different density, quality and colors. I became truly addicted and loyal to Avicenum stockings.

What really impressed me was the fact, that Avicenum stockings are made with ion-infused fabric that acts as a deodorant and therefore prevents unpleasant odours. Moreover, silver ions protects textile fibres from damage and increases durability.

No wonder they last sooooo long :)

And what about you? What are the factors you consider in making your decision? Have you tried Avicenum stockings and would you like to share your feedback?

I can not wait to hear from you!

Author: Lenka, Clothes Catch

10 Years as a flight attendant!

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